Skincare Devices

Why Should I Use Skincare Devices?

Skincare devices are a great tool to add your daily skincare routine. Not only do they feel amazing to use giving you a boost of feelings of wellbeing, but they also help to enhance the results of your routine by delivering a whole host of additional benefits.

How Can Skincare Devices Help My Skin?

Skincare devices can help to target many of your skin concerns by using different skincare tech.

LED Light Therapy
These devices use different wavelengths of light to help address various skin concerns. From tackling pigmentation and acne right through to reducing the appearance of the signs of ageing, this non-invasive technology is super popular in maintaining skin health. Our customers love the Déesse PRO LED Mask and the LYMA Laser for professional results at home.

Delivering tiny electrical currents that mimic your body's natural currents, microcurrent devices, like the GESKE MicroCurrent Face-Lift Pen 6 in 1 help to tighten and tone your facial muscles, giving a more lifted appearance to your complexion.

By creating tiny punctures in your skin, microneedling tools trigger your body's natural healing process. From the Dr Levy MicroSkin Roller to the Environ Gold Roll-CIT, they're popular tools for tackling skin texture, scarring, and wrinkles.

For bespoke advice on the best skincare devices for your skin type and concerns, call our skincare experts on 0113 282 7744, or email them at

Skincare Devices
LYMA Laser Starter KitLYMA Laser Starter Kit
LYMA Laser Starter Kit

Dr Levy The Contour ProDr Levy The Contour Pro
Dr Levy The Contour Pro

Dr Levy MicroSkin RollerDr Levy MicroSkin Roller
Dr Levy MicroSkin Roller

ESPA Aventurine Jade Crystal RollerESPA Aventurine Jade Crystal Roller
ESPA Aventurine Jade Crystal Roller

Cool and calm your skin with ESPA Aventurine Jade Crystal Roller, made with semi-precious stone Aventurine Jade Crystal, this beautiful tool creates a soothing sensation on the skin.

PharmaClinix DermarollexPharmaClinix Dermarollex
PharmaClinix Dermarollex

This 0.5mm roller helps to improve the appearance of acne scarring, lines, wrinkles and stretch marks.

ESPA Dual-Ended Face Mask ApplicatorESPA Dual-Ended Face Mask Applicator
ESPA Dual-Ended Face Mask Applicator

Effortlessly apply your favourite face mask with ESPA Dual-Ended Face Mask Applicator, for a mess-free, hygeinic application that achieves precise and even coverage.

ESPA Jade Eye Massage ToolESPA Jade Eye Massage Tool
ESPA Jade Eye Massage Tool

Nurture the delicate eye area with ESPA Jade Eye Massage Tool, beautifully made with Aventurine Jade Crystal that glides over your skin to promote natural beauty and inner calm.

ESPA Gua Sha ToolESPA Gua Sha Tool
ESPA Gua Sha Tool

Made using Rose Quartz, ESPA Gua Sha Tool glides effortlessly over the contours of your face, creating a mindful skincare ritual that promotes natural beauty and inner calm.

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Swiss Clinic Skin RollerSwiss Clinic Skin Roller
Swiss Clinic Skin Roller

Treat cellulite, ageing, scarred and uneven skin to reveal a supple and radiant complexion with the Swiss Clinic Skin Roller!


Transform Your Skin With The LYMA Laser

With 250x more power than other at-home laser technology, the LYMA Laser is a world first clinic-grade, FDA cleared at-home laser device. Reaching the base layers of your skin, it targets all signs of ageing, redness, scars, pigmentation, blemishes, and more.

The LYMA Laser transforms all layers of your skin and muscle tissue simultaneously. Its unrivalled biological penetration means the laser transforms more cosmetic conditions than any other device on the market - your skin doesn’t just look younger – it is younger.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Skincare devices can be super effective if you use them as instructed. Consistency is key with skincare routines, and the same applies for your devices, too, so to see optimal results, it’s important that you use your device regularly. Depending on your skincare concerns, different devices will provide you with the best results. For example. LED light therapy can deliver incredible benefits for acne-prone skin, whereas microneedling can really help with skin scarring.

Most skincare devices are safe for home use when used according to the instructions. However, it’s important to speak to your dermatologist before using a new device – particularly if you have sensitive skin or have a underlying health condition. Please refer to the precautions on your individual device for the best results.

The frequency in which you use your device is dependent on which device you have. For example, an LED light therapy mask is usually used around two-to-four times per week, whereas a microneedle tool may suggest use just once a week until your skin adjusts, then two-to-three times per week thereafter. Please refer to the instructions on your individual device for the best results.

Some devices are designed to be used with complimentary products, like serums, that enhance your results, and some are best used on clean, dry skin. Please refer to the instructions on your individual device for the best results.