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Meet The Makeup That Does More

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The et al. story began with a makeup artist, a scientist, and over 30 years of skin health science at the iiaa. Together, the dedicated team set out to create a makeup line that they themselves, along with many makeup wearers, had previously wished existed.

et al. have a focus on creating products that has more skincare science, more protection from harmful rays, more responsibility to the planet, and more healthy skin that lasts

Discover The Joy Of Makeup With et al.

The Joy Of Makeup
et al. want their products to spark joy for everyone, regardless of skin type, tone, concern, or belief. So, whether that joy comes from finding your perfect shade in their inclusive formulas or enjoying long-lasting coverage that keeps you feeling confident all day, et al. is designed to make you smile

The Science Of Skincare
et al.’s makeup products are packed full of active skincare ingredients at functional levels to ensure they deliver skin-enhancing results long after you’ve taken your makeup off. From delivering hydration to giving your skin protection against environmental aggressors. Medical Director, Dr Gaby Prinsloo says: “We’ve chosen the best possible actives at the highest functional levels to support long-lasting, healthy skin.”

Responsibility To The Planet
Skin health is as important to et al. as the health of our planet, which is why they’re committed to producing products that are responsibly manufactured, easily recyclable, and often reusable.

Face The Future is an authorised stockist of et al. Their product range is available to buy online or by phone on 0113 282 7744.

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et al. makeup
et al. 3-in-1 Setting Mistet al. 3-in-1 Setting Mist
et al. 3-in-1 Setting Mist


Discover Good For Skin Makeup By et al.

Multipurpose makeup designed to compliment your skincare

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et al. Angled Cheek Brushet al. Angled Cheek Brush
et al. Angled Cheek Brush

et al. Precision Brushet al. Precision Brush
et al. Precision Brush

et al. Powder Brushet al. Powder Brush
et al. Powder Brush

et al. Buffing Brushet al. Buffing Brush
et al. Buffing Brush

et al. Flat Foundation Brushet al. Flat Foundation Brush
et al. Flat Foundation Brush

et al. Small Buffing Brushet al. Small Buffing Brush
et al. Small Buffing Brush


Why Should I Use et al. Intelligent Skin Cream Foundation?

This innovative foundation is formulated with a synergy of skincare actives to hydrate and brighten your skin whilst providing you with a natural coverage. With a powerhouse of key ingredients, including squalane, vitamin C, and vitamin E, this superhero foundation will both boost and compliment your skincare regime, leaving you with a radiant complexion.

Simply apply your desired amount on your skin and blend in using the et al. Buffing Brush or et al. Flat Foundation Brush. To finish and set in place, spritz the et al. 3-in-1 Setting Mist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, at et al. they use the latest science in skin health to develop every product and skincare actives are used at functional levels.

Yes, each and every one of our formulations has been independently evaluated to ensure they meet the highest standards for safety and efficacy.

Physical sunscreens are just as effective as chemical sunscreens. One of the key benefits of using a physical sunscreen is there is no need to wait for protection to begin. When applying any sunscreen, it's always essential to apply enough to have an effect. If enough is applied, then it's not necessary to apply additional sunscreen. However, you can always apply more if desired. And if you are going to be in the sun for prolonged periods, always remember to reapply regularly.

Yes, all et al. ingredients are sustainably sourced.

Innovative Makeup Skincare

Come and join us on our trip to the et al. pop up shop in London! We had an amazing day learning the story behind the makeup artist and the scientist who created the brand's innovative makeup products.