Applying Technology & Science To The Genius Of Nature

After a near-death illness, Lucy turned to leading physicians for help. After prescribing her with a cocktail of drugs, Lucy found that she was actually feeling worse instead of better. She decided to try a multitude of supplements, but still didn’t experience an improvement.

After a chance meeting with Dr Paul Clayton, a world authority on preventative degenerative disease, Lucy’s life was changed. He introduced Lucy to peer-reviewed, patented ingredients that were dosed at active levels and specially formulated to enable the body to absorb them and reap their benefits. Within months, Lucy felt better than ever.

Their transformative effect inspired Lucy to found LYMA, a company focused on scientifically backed innovations like the LYMA Supplement and Laser that is now empowering millions globally.

As Dr Clayton, now LYMA’s Director of Science, says: "If you apply technology and science to the genius of nature, you can create products that actually work.”

Delivering Transformative Skin Results In Just Weeks

LYMA’s iconic LYMA Laser is 100x more powerful than LED devices. It’s a world first clinic-grade, FDA cleared laser device for at-home use and perfectly complements LYMA’s supplement line.

Able to reach the base layers of your skin, the laser targets all signs of ageing, redness, scars, pigmentation, blemishes, and more.

This unrivalled protocol delivers transformative results for your skin in just 30 days. 

Discover the impact of no promises, just proof, with LYMA.’s transformative range.

Face The Future is an authorised stockist of LYMA. Their product range is available to buy online or by phone on 0113 282 7744.

For a truly bespoke skincare service or advice on the best LYMA products for your skin, talk to one of our skincare experts via phone or email, or complete our online real-time skin test.

If you would like a free personalised skincare consultation with one of our skincare experts, simply take this quiz and we’ll get back to you within 3 working days with our expert recommendations.

LYMA Laser Starter KitLYMA Laser Starter Kit
LYMA Laser Starter Kit


Rejuvenate Your Skin With Innovative Skincare

An Interview With LYMA Founder, Lucy Goff

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Embrace Healthier, More Youthful Looking Skin With the LYMA Laser

Experience a skincare revolution with the LYMA Laser, the world's first FDA-cleared, clinic-grade laser device for at-home use. This powerhouse is 100 times more effective than LED devices, reaching deep into your skin to target wrinkles, redness, scars, and uneven pigmentation. The LYMA Laser works synergistically with the LYMA supplement line for comprehensive rejuvenation. Experience transformative results in just 30 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The LYMA Laser uses a special lens to break down the laser beam into many gentle beams of cool light. These beams reach deep into your skin, stimulating cells to regenerate without any pain, burning, or redness.

Unlike traditional lasers, the LYMA Laser is safe for darker skin tones. Its low-level technology avoids damaging your skin and instead stimulates natural regeneration. This gentle approach means no pain, burning, or redness – perfect for even the most sensitive complexions.

Built to last a lifetime, the LYMA Laser is crafted in the UK using top-of-the-line, clinic-grade components. Enjoy peace of mind with a two-year worldwide full replacement warranty.

Your LYMA Skincare should be used every day, morning and night, to give you optimal results.